Five of The Best Royal Attractions in London

London has long history as the Royal seat of the United Kingdom, and although their role has diminished in modern times, their legacy lives on. Many thousands of people in fact visit the British capital every year to learn more about the royal history of the country. If you intend on visiting London and would like to experience the best Royal attractions the capital has to offer but do not know where to begin, then you have come to the right place. We will now discuss 5 of the best places you can visit in and around London to discover more of the country’s rich Royal heritage.

Buckingham Palace – The Queen’s House

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Since 1837 the royal family has used Buckingham Palace as its main London home. Throughout the year the palace hosts receptions, banquets and other official events, as well as being the administrative headquarters for the Queen and the work she does for the country. The two main things you can do in and around Buckingham Palace is firstly that you can watch Changing the Guard, which is essentially what happens between May and July when guards stationed outside the palace finish their work and swap with the next lot. It is a long standing tradition and gives you an insight into the how things connected to the royal family are done. Secondly, you can actually tour inside a section of the palace known as The State Rooms, where there many pieces of exquisite porcelain, antique furniture, sculpture and art.


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