10 Big Things of Australia

Australians seem to be fascinated by giant models or sculptures of animals as there are approximately 150 of such objects in existence within this country. Such objects have come a long way in becoming an attraction that seems to pull tourists both local and foreign. The Australian economy has benefitted a great deal from the Big Things as such have managed to pull in a lot of resources in term of revenue collection from the tourists. Such objects are normally found along the major roadsides in Australia. As much as there are at least 150 of such objects spread across various states of Australia, there are a few that have managed to stand out in terms of attracting many more people. Below is a list of 10 big things of Australia that you should never miss out on whenever you are visiting this great country.

Travel to Australia  

Travel to Australia

The Giant Mushroom:

The Giant Mushroom is located in Belconnen within the famous Belconnen Fresh Food Markets and plays the role of a playground for numerous children. This mushroom shapes object was built in 1998 and launched within the same year. The giant Mushroom attracts quite a number of tourists both local and foreign.

The Big Banana:

This huge banana-like object located in Coffs Harbor is the most popular Big Thing in Australia and most of the times is referred to as the very first Big Thing in Australia probably due to the fact that it was built in 1964. The tourist complex that hosts the Big Banana consists of a souvenir shop that specializes in banana-themed products as well as tours within the plantations around the area including a ski slope that is located indoors.

The Big Ant:

This is a giant replica of a bull ant located in Broken Hill, New South Wales that was built back in 1980. Before it was moved to its current location, the sculpture first stood at Stephen Creek which is a hotel in Broken Hill. It was moved in 1990 after it was donated by the hotel to the city. The Big Ant was designed by Pro Hart, a professional artist.

The Big Prawn:

The Big Prawn as is located in Ballina, New South Wales was designed and built in 1989. However, The Big Prawn faced stiff opposition from the Ballina Shire Council and in September 2009, a vote was passed to allow for its demolition. However, this never came to pass and instead Bunnings Warehouse decided to acquire the site as well as The Big Prawn in August 2011 and decided to refurbish it to the state it is in currently. The big prawn measures 20 by 30 feet.

The Big Merino:

The Big Merino is a giant replica of a merino ram located in Goulburn and was erected in 1985. In 1992, both Goulburn and Big Merino were affected by the Hume Highway that bypassed them in turn affecting the number of visitors to this site. However, The Big Merino or Rambo as the sculpture is fondly referred to was moved to a new site that overlooks the highway. The Big Merino is 49 by 59 feet big in size.

The Big Apple:

This is a huge replica of an apple located in Thulimbah, Queensland which was built in 1978. The big Apple originally was located at an Applethorpe petrol station and was designed and built by Johnny Ross, a local artisan. The Big Apple is now located at Vincenzo’s right opposite the England highway leading to Suttons Apple Orchard and Cidery after a facelift was done to it. Before it moved to its present home, The Big Apple briefly lived as an apple of the Royal Gala some distance northwards to Thulimbah. The Big Apple is 4 meters tall with a 4.5 diameter.

The Big Wine Bottle:

The Big Wine Bottle located in the Hunter Valley Gardens, Pokolbin was designed and erected in 1998. This is a replica of a giant wine bottle that is 7 meters long and 1.5 meters in terms of the diameter. The bottle’s neck serves as a chimney for an open fire that is within. This is a Big Thing in Australia that is also popular with the masses as many people troop Pokolbin to enjoy this amazing piece of art.

The Big Barrel:

Built and launched in 2005, the Big Barrel located in Bundaberg, Queensland acts as an interpretive center meant for visitors as well as a gift shop and also a bottle shop that deals in Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. The Big Barrel can be found along 147 Bargara Road. The Big Barrel is 25 by 10 meters in size making it quite a phenomenon. This giant barrel is also known to be among The Big Things in Australia that attracts numerous crowds.

The Big Pineapple:

The Big Pineapple located in on the Sunshine Coast Woombye, Queensland is quite a tourist attraction. This huge pineapple stands 16 meters tall with a 6 meter diameter and is said to be the largest pineapple in the world. The Big Pineapple was designed, built and later opened in 1971 and stands on a site in Woombye that is 165 hectares vast. Many people normally troop down to this located to feast their eyes on this giant pineapple.

The Big Scotsman:

Located in Medindie suburb in Adelaide, Scotty as The Big Scotsman is normally referred to here, was built in 1963 making it a year older than The Big Banana. You will find it at the Main North road corner at the Scotty’s Motel. This giant Scotsman was designed and built by the same person who designed and built The Big Lobster, Paul Kelly. The Big Scotsman is also a great tourist attraction with many people thronging it to take photos of the same.

The Big Things of Australia  

The Big Things of Australia

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Whenever you are in Australia, it is advised that you visit The Big Things of Australia and get to enjoy the extra large fruits, people, animals and many other things. Tour operators and travel companies within this vast country can organize tours for you to such destinations and ensure that you get the best out of the tour.Make an effort of visiting the place and you will enjoy the tour.


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