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First Time Backpacker Tips – Don’t Ruin Your First Backpacking Adventure

First Time Backpacker
Looking for a new adventure? Tired of the usual weekend getaways in malls and in fancy hotels? Why don’t you try backpacking? Have a new experience without spending so much of your savings.
But don’t let your excitement get …

The Best Trekking In Vietnam

It is very popular with holiday makers to go trekking when they visit South East Asian countries. With most Treks you will hike through the jungle, go river rafting, meet the indigenous population and see the local wildlife and have …

Out of Africa – 3 Alternative Safaris to the African Continent

I’ve been seeking ideas for holidays while watching classic films recently. Africa has a natural allure so I selected a variety of what I thought were appropriate titles to inspire my choice.
The African Queen, a bit dated now but all …

Our Seychelles Expedition of a Lifetime to World Heritage Spots

Paradise for Future Generations
The Seychelles is composed of fifty islands north east of Madagascar that form across an archipelago named after the 18th century Minister of Finance, Jean Moreau de Sechelles. Now a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and …

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